Ride Share for Saranagati Community and Guests

Ashcroft and Kamloops

Let us know if you regularly drive to town or if you want to share a ride.


Bring a friend to town or the Burnaby temple on your next trip.  Share the ever rising cost of gas.

Vancouver to Saranagati

From Burnaby temple and others spots.

Hemang Trivedi


Contact Info -- phone/email/social media

Aspiring devotee

Many people are looking for a ride to Vancouver or lower mainland, also back to Saranagati from Vancouver. Share the gas and driving. reply if you are interested.


Looking for Ride to Saranagati from Calgary, Canmore or Banff. will share the cost of the petrol of course.

Contact Info -- phone/email/social media

Ramneet Kang

Looking for a ride from Vancouver to Sarangati in the month of August

Contact Info -- phone/email/social media

Brajananda das

Haribol im looking for a ride to kamloops on dec 8 in the morning any time before noon i need to get to hospital for reg cancer treatments and then returning after treatment about hour the time would be about 2-3 pm

Contact Info -- phone/email/social media
250-215-2103 email peacepilgram108@ gmail.com

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